Who is Jeff Hawe

Photographer. Writer. Videographer. Creative. Traveler. Adventurer. Board Rider.

This is the part where I talk about myself. I thought about taking a ghostwriter approach to make it sound like someone else was boasting my talents. But talking about yourself in the third person isn’t something mentally sound people do. So lets just get to the point. I’ve a propensity for connecting with people. I patiently, sometimes painstakingly, study details of diverse subjects. I travel well. My elasticity, timing and knack for overcoming adversity are crucial in what I do. While on the topic, this is what I do: I tell stories with words, photographs, video and audio. I hesitate to bind myself to any one topic, life is too diverse and ever changing. I do work with my hands to create, it’s gratifying. Drawing inspiration from genuine and original works, I appreciate the authentic.

This website showcases some of my specialties. Want to know more? Give a shout, let’s talk story. Home base is Hawaii. Seattle is home across the pond. If not there, I’m  wherever the times are good.