Big Island. Just Wandering.

What happens when you have three open days and book a last minute flight to Hawai‘i island…?

Faced with a three day weekend we decided to go, then find something to do over there. Arriving in Hilo Saturday morning before the sun was up we had no plan and making a plan was something that would not be tolerated. So much that a penalty was placed on the mere act of uttering said noun. Perfect. So we grazed through farmers markets. Swam through tide pools. Wandered through beach parks. Hiked through botanical gardens. Napped through afternoons. Roamed through lava fields. Even spent a peaceful night asleep in a macadamia nut orchard.

Waiting in the Kona airport with a cold beer in hand to fly home it was agreed, sometimes it’s best not to sweat the details and just float along wherever the wind, tide or your whims take you.