New favorite walkabout.

When Nica sent me the text, ‘got a hike for us to do. need 4×4 and a permit…’ I was sold. I’m always keen for adventure. Really, adventure doesn’t begin until something goes wrong and this one seemed rife with opportunity for such. When would be a good time to go we asked… why not start 2017 out on the right foot. Done. Permitted and accompanied by good friends Michelle, Rory and Juliana, we loaded up the Cruiser and made tracks. This island can seem larger than it actually is with the ways we tear around it from this beach to the next, crowds buzzing abundantly. Step back from that grind into an uncrowded forest, take a birds eye vantage point of the island and it becomes clear this rock we live on is much smaller than it feels.

I guess technically by stringent standards, we didn’t have adventure. Everything went as planned, save for all of us nearly slipping over the edge of the trail at numerous points. Yet a welcomed recharge from nature to ring in 2017 was achieved. And that’s really why I go do these things anyway. No, I won’t tell you the trail. But on an island this size, if you do your homework it’s not that hard to figure out. Happy New Year.