Moondog sailing : the Napali coast and back to Oahu

Two friends. Quintin and Macy. One boat. The Moondog. Three days of the smoothest and most beautiful sailing I’ve been privilege to.

Quintin called me up on a Saturday, “Hey mate, we are getting the boat ready for our trip and going to take a spin over to Kauai for a run to make sure everything is good. Can you fly over and join us on the Napali coast?” That was the gist of it. Drop my obligations for the next week and go see if we couldn’t find adventure aboard The Moondog?! Hell yeah.

Given Quintin, Macy and The Moondog will be sailing South into the sparsely habited atolls and reefs of the South Pacific at weeks end. This last adventure with these outstanding humans was all the more enjoyable. Sad to see them go, but excited to watch where they go!