RevoluSun X Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii Art Show

I was invited to participate in an art show during April hosted by RevoluSun Smart Home in Honolulu. They partnered with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, promoting the art of individuals associated with SCH to raise awareness about ocean pollution and discuss current ideas and solutions. The show functioned as an effective fundraiser for the SCH organization with a portion of sales channeled to SCH.

 I selected marine debris from SCH clean up efforts. Photographed them in a studio setup. Selected and printed five. The show was fantastic. A diverse collection from found object sculpture to fine art painting. With as many eclectic personalities to match. The six featured artists were Aaron Char, Eduardo Bolioli, Mark Cunningham, Manny Pangilinan, Shannon McCarthy and myself. We opened the show with an event and closed it with another. It was an honor to be included in a group with such talented creators.