Seattle to Tijuana on a tandem bicycle

Tom and Devon pedaling through Big Sur California.

Tom and Devon pedaling through Big Sur coastal beauty.

As Devon Raney explained his plan for the mission he had titled Bikes Boards Blind, it sounded like an epic. Coincidentally combining two items on the proverbial “bucket-list”, the journey was calling my name. I began scheming how to invite myself. Then Devon called, to ask advice for a camera to take on the trip. “Why not take a photographer” I proposed. Selling myself as a valuable member of the crew, we hung up the phone with plans to pedal from Washington to Mexico together. I just needed a bike. The rickety old ten speed in my garage was not going to cut it.

Two months spent on the road with Devon, Temple, Scott, Tom, Mike, Tom, Ron, and Blake amounted to one monumental and life changing experience. Devon led the charge on the road and in the surf. Devon is legally blind, retaining roughly 15% of his vision after a surfing accident triggered the degeneration of his optic nerves. He pedaled the route on the back of a tandem with the above mentioned piloting the rig, surfboards in tow. Yet it never was a mission about a blind man doing something challenging. It was always about a group of like minded motivated humans doing something outstanding. Devon just stepped up to be the chief.

The rattling events and moments of enlightenment from the highway can only be understood through participation. Bonds were made which cannot be broken. Guts were busted laughing. Ego’s were broken down and left in a ditch along the highway. Patience and persistence were commodities. Close calls with disaster passed. All said 65 burgers consumed, 50 surf sessions had, 13 flats repaired and 12 inspirational presentations at schools along the route were complete by the time we reached the Tijuana border crossing.

Let your imagination take off down the road with us as these photos tell the story. Be inspired. Go plan your own epic adventure.