Landscapes Bold & Wide

The expansive and often forbidding landscapes of this planet are some of the most difficult stories to tell. Words like rugged, majestic, snow-capped, meandering, sun-drenched, wind-swept, plunging, towering, desolate, breathtaking etc etc only scratch the surface. Futile attempts to depict mother nature’s handiwork. Pairing adjectives with a well composed photograph gets one closer to the experience. Yet even that falls short of what its like actually being there. To smell clean crisp mountain air, a dry grassy field, the sea…  To feel sun burning your shoulders or icy glacial air freezing your nostrils…  To hear the wind whipping through pines or a house size wave crashing down on itself….  It’s near impossible to narrate what its like to stand amongst the wild world and soak in the three hundred and sixty degree panorama of a landscape which is big and bold. So I simply encourage you to go and experience it for yourself.