Alaska Snowboarding with Patagonia

Ryland Bell charging big mountains in AlaskaRyland Bell navigating the top of a big Alaskan descent

It was late March when the outdoor gear company Patagonia contacted me. They were in a tight spot with very few photographic assets to base their 2013/2014 snowboard marketing campaign on. They needed a hail mary. I joined the crew in a beat up old Subaru with a race-car engine and rocketed the overloaded rig North to Alaska. So the adventure began. We weaved through the fire drills of helicopter snowboarding, celebrated two birthdays and pushed each others limits of patience with five dudes living in one tiny cabin out in the Alaskan countryside. Three weeks later; greasy from head to still-numb toes, exhausted and struck with a serious case of cabin fever I emerged with a bag full of photographs to fill their catalogs and ads with. Were they happy? It was the first time I’ve been referred to as a hero by a photo editor. I think so.